How Can We Measure Professional Accomplishments Without Recognizing That Not Everyone Starts in the Same Place on the Race Track?

Your employees are a diverse group of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each person took a very different journey to get to your team, so it’s inevitable that some have much more advanced skills than others. While each person is exceptionally talented, there’s always a few standout employees who seem to lead the pack.

As a company leader, it’s only natural to get excited about the major accomplishments realized by your superstar employees, but don’t forget about the rest of your team. It’s easy for others to feel slighted — causing a subsequent decrease in engagement levels — when you’re only focused on big wins. Each and every contribution gets you one step closer to achieving organizational goals, so remember to look at the big picture.

It’s time to start measuring professional accomplishments individually, rather than assessing everyone according to the same criteria, because each person has a different personal best.

Set Goals for Each Person

Work with each employee to set goals appropriate for his or her skill set and experience level. Make each objective as specific as possible, so there’s no room for confusion. When an employee achieves a goal, extend your congratulations and explain how their work ties into company goals. Taking the time to make each person feel valued boosts engagement levels and ensures no one gets lost in the mix.

Measure Effort

It seems inherently unfair, but some people are able to accomplish a lot with very little effort while others have to work much harder to achieve even remotely similar results. Pay close attention to the amount of time and energy each person puts into his or her projects, as this is very telling. Rather than focusing solely on the bottom line, acknowledge the efforts of those determined to succeed, despite having to overcome obstacles in their path.

Gauge Potential

Each person on your team has different qualities and abilities, so assess people based on their own potential, not a colleague’s. Gauge employees’ individual strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to help them learn and grow. Celebrate team members who rise to their potential, regardless of how their achievements compare to your top talent.

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