What’s on the Frontier for Bay Area Life Science and Technology Jobs?

As a life science or technology professional, the Bay Area offers the best of both worlds — a myriad of exciting career opportunities and an amazing place to call home. Whether you already live in the area or are considering making the move, you can relax in knowing there’s a wealth of possibilities at your fingertips.

Bay Area Life Science Jobs

If you’re ready to take the next step in your life science career, the Bay Area has countless opportunities. California has the highest employment level of professionals in the life science field in the U.S., according to 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics data (BLS).

The San Francisco Bay Area ranks sixth in the top 10 metropolitan areas with the most workers in the field, and it is the third highest-paying region, with the average life science professional earning $97,760 per year, according to 2015 BLS data. The Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley area follows close behind as the sixth highest-paying region with average annual salaries totaling $90,630.

From biochemists and biophysicists to microbiologists, the area is brimming with opportunities for life science professionals. For example, California has more biochemist and biophysicist jobs than any other state in the country, with the San Francisco area ranking fourth on the list of metropolitan areas with the highest number of professionals, according to 2015 BLS data. Pay is also impressive, as the San Jose area is the third-highest paying metropolitan area, with salaries averaging $117,000 per year, closely followed by the San Francisco area, where earnings average $116,920 annually.

Bay Area Technology Jobs

Considered one of the tech epicenters of the world, the Bay Area contains no shortage of opportunities for talented professionals. A wide-range of employment options are available, ranging from positions with major tech companies to startups.

Whether you’re a computer network architect, software developer, business analyst, or hold any other tech title, you’re certainly in the right place to grow your career.

San Jose is the top-paying metropolitan area in the country for computer network architects, according to 2015 BLS data, with average salaries totaling $144,670. The San Francisco area and the Oakland-Berkeley-Hayward region claim the second and third place titles, with salaries averaging $139,110 and $128,170, respectively. Additionally, California has contains both the highest number of software developers and the highest average salaries, with both the San Jose and San Francisco areas ranking in the top 10 metropolitan areas by employment level.

All exciting possibilities in life sciences and technology jobs in the Bay Area!

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