Team-Building Activities in the San Francisco Bay Area: Outings You Can Arrange to Get to Know Your Colleagues

You spend at least 40 hours working with your colleagues each week, so if you don’t really know them, it’s time to change that. Whether a few new people have recently joined the team or you’ve realized you don’t know your long-time peers as well as you should, organizing a team-building activity is a fun way to create lasting bonds. Lunches and team happy hours are nice, but living in the San Francisco Bay Area means there’s plenty of more creative options available.


In this Theater Escape challenge, you and your colleagues have an hour to solve a sequence of puzzles as a team. Have fun and make memories as you solve each problem and work together to save the show. Break free from reality for a while and enjoy yourselves, while learning valuable lessons that can be applied at the office. Complete BreakoutIQ off-site or in your own office space.

Mr. Treasure Hunt

Gather your colleagues together and embark on an urban treasure hunt. Choose from a variety of Bay Area neighborhoods where you’ll work as a team searching for clues, solving puzzles and engaging in a little fun competition. This is a great way to escape the borders of the office, enjoy some fresh air and get to know your peers a little better.

Build Your Own Mini Golf Course

Bond with your colleagues by completing the Build Your Own Mini Golf Course challenge. During this two-hour adventure, you’ll work with your peers to create a fun miniature golf course using a variety of provided supplies, such as boxes, lumber and pipes. You’re tasked with making the course both functional and fun, so people actually want to use it. As an added twist, you can also opt to build the course with canned goods, packaged foods and other grocery items, which are donated to charity at the end of the program.

Tyler’s Mystery Tours

Whisk your team away for a mystery weekend where participants only know what to pack and when the group will be leaving and returning. Of course, one dedicated person will know the details of this surprise weekend, collaborating with the organizers to find a location and activities that work for your group. Depending on preferences, events can include volunteering, relaxing, extreme sports and more.

Dining in the Dark

Far from your average team dinner, Dining in the Dark makes for a fun nighttime outing at a local restaurant. Put your phones away and enjoy each other’s company, as you work together to figure out what’s on the menu and overcome the challenges of eating in the dark. This certainly makes for a fun and memorable group dinner no one will ever forget!

Ready for a new challenge in the Bay Area?

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