Creative Strategies for Summer Tech Recruiting

Summer is the most relaxed season of the year, but work still needs to be done. If you’re having trouble finding top tech talent willing to make a career move during peak vacation time, relax in knowing they’re out there, you just have to get a little creative with your recruiting strategies.

Host an Open House

Summer is characterized by a laid-back lifestyle, so host an informal gathering at your office to introduce potential tech talent to your company. Ask your employees to invite people from their networks who might be a good fit, reach out to candidates in your organization’s internal database and ask local Bay Area professional organizations to extend the invite to members. This is a fun and effective way to meet many possible contenders at once and get your entire team involved in the process.

Invest in New College Grads

Think twice about whether you truly need a seasoned tech professional to fill every opening on your tech team. Two-thirds of employers are planning to hire 2016 college graduates, according to the Society for Human Resource Management — many for tech positions. They don’t have years of industry experience, but these young professionals are incredibly tech savvy and can likely teach your experienced staff a thing or two. In addition to only having to pay them an entry-level salary, you benefit by being able to mold them into the ideal employee from the start, instead of being forced to undo tech practices they learned at another company.

Join Tech Professionals at Their Hangouts

If you really want to find tech professionals, start spending time in places they hang out. When searching for developers, make new connections online at GitHub or head to one of many Bay Area tech meetups to find just about any type of tech talent you need. In addition to encountering people actively seeking new opportunities, you’ll also likely meet passive candidates willing to make a transition for the right position.

Optimize Your HR Site for Mobile

If your human resources site isn’t already optimized for mobile, now is the time to do so. The average person looks at their smartphone 46 times per day, according to a recent study by Deloitte — and many will be doing so to search for jobs this summer. Whether they’re bored at work while the boss is out of town, sitting poolside on a sunny day or passing the time on a long road trip, tech job seekers will access your HR site from their phone, so make sure it’s ready for them.

Partner with a Search Firm

Regardless of the season, tech recruiters are always ready to help staff your company with top professionals. In addition to having extensive networks, recruiters work hard to maintain staffing pools filled with top talent in the Bay Area and beyond. When you hire them, you gain access to a wealth of resources that can prove invaluable in your search.

Need a little help finding quality tech candidates this summer?

Contact ABA Search. We have significant connections in technology here in the Bay Area and throughout the country, ensuring we’ll always find the right fit.