Attracting Top Millennial Talent in the Legal Field

They’re now the largest generation in the workforce, so if your Bay Area law firm isn’t already brimming with Millennials, it’s time to start stepping up your recruiting efforts. This young generation is filled with brilliant minds, who are truly passionate about the legal field, but if you want to convince the best and brightest to join your firm, you’ll probably need to adjust your recruiting practices a bit.

4 Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Bay Area Firm

Get Involved in the Community

Millennials want to work for a firm that gives back, so get involved in local Bay Area charities, sponsor community activities, and share your socially responsible practices on the company website and social media accounts. If you want to attract these young professionals, you have to show your firm is about more than just inflating your bottom line.

Monitor Your Online Presence

Digitally savvy Millennials consult the Internet for just about everything, so if a search for your firm’s name brings largely negative results, they’re going to run — and fast. Use social listening tools like Google Alerts and Social Mention to monitor what people are saying about your firm. Ask current employees to write positive reviews of their work experience on sites like Glassdoor, as this type of content carries a huge weight with Millennials.

Invest in Technology

As they grew up in the Computer Age, Millennials have no desire to work for a firm that hasn’t caught up. In addition to building an attractive website, maintaining a presence on social media and posting regularly on a company blog highlights your commitment to innovation. If you’ve made a serious investment in cloud technology, shifted your firm to a paperless workplace or recently upgraded to new law practice management software, don’t keep this a secret!

Highlight Your Company Culture

Company culture is just as important — if not more — as salary to Millennials, so clearly define yours and use it to sell your firm to them. Some of the key features they look for are an emphasis on teamwork, a focus on mentoring, and constant opportunities to learn and grow their skills. They also seek non-traditional offerings such as a casual office environment and flexible working conditions.

The Bay Area is overflowing with talented Millennials who would be a huge asset to your firm, so allow ABA Search to help you find and attract these young professionals. As legal recruiting experts, we have 25 years of experience helping firms like yours find the right fit. Contact us today to discuss a partnership!