3 Reasons Why a Local Search Firm Can Help You Find the BEST Employees

ABA Search, a premier legal search firm, shares three ways to find and attract top Bay Area professionals.

The staffing industry is saturated with search firms, so deciding which one is right for your company can be overwhelming. Many staffing agencies operate on a national scale, with chapters in a number of key markets. While the large size of these firms allows them to enjoy significant name recognition, this certainly does not mean they’re the best.

When you choose a local staffing partner, you benefit by having resources who truly know the landscape. These professionals more than just staffing experts — they’re authorities on your local recruiting sphere. As the decision you make will impact the future of your business, you can’t afford not to have them on your team.


3 Reasons to Partner with a Local Search Firm:

Regional Market Expertise

Local recruiters are deeply immersed in the staffing climate of your region. They have long-standing connections with top candidates in your area and know exactly how to find more. Local staffing professionals also have strong relationships with several businesses in the area, so they can help ensure your company is doing everything necessary to attract and retain top talent.

Speed and Cost-Reduction 

The hiring process can be very time-consuming and costly when working with a search firm that focuses on out-of-town candidates. Not only does it cost a fortune to fly potential hires in for interviews and pay relocation costs, it also takes much longer for things to move along. This is unnecessary in most cases, as extremely well-qualified candidates eager to begin working can be found right in your backyard. Local staffing firms already have these people on their radar and can have them ready to join your team in a matter of days.

Personalized Relationships

It’s hard for a staffing firm to fill your open positions if they don’t have a strong affiliation with you. When working with local recruiters, you have the luxury of building personalized relationships. They can take time getting to know you and your team and can really immerse themselves in your company culture. This familiarity allows them to know exactly what you’re looking for in the ideal candidate so that they only present you with people who embody everything you want in a team member.

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