A Guide to the Millennial Workforce

It’s certainly no secret that millennials can’t get enough of San Francisco and its surrounding cities.

In March 2015, Forbes named the Bay Area as one of the top five destinations in the country attracting this generation. Sky-high housing prices have not deterred their love for the region, as it had the second largest influx of millennials in the U.S. from 2007-2013. With the ever-growing millennial employee population comes a new set of challenges and management strategies for getting the most out of your multi-generational workforce.

5 Ways to Lead Millennials

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, meaning knowing what drives them is essential. Here are a few ideas on how to help them reach their potential:

  1. Keep Goals at the Fore
    Millennials want to know that what they are doing is making an impact in helping the goals of the company. By keeping company goals and values at the fore, employers can attribute added meaning to the work of their Millennials. It is hard to be bored with what you are doing when you know there is value in your work.
  2. Share Responsibility
    No two ways about it, Millennials are an ambitious group and employers can help fulfill them by assigning work that has a genuine impact. Give them opportunities to rise to the occasion and face a real challenge. Enhancing responsibilities will provide a sense of value in their work, and more importantly, give them a chance to grow and develop.
  1. Cultivate Professionals
    You can benefit immensely by presenting Millennials with opportunities to develop both inside and outside of work, as a person AND as a professional. This generation thrives on learning new skills and embraces opportunities to grow. The benefits are two-fold from cultivating Millennials, as that willingness to learn and develop translates into eagerness to perform in the office.
  1. Limber Up
    Flexibility in how and when to work is increasingly valuable in getting the most of Millennials, particularly as technological advancements continue to enhance our accessibility to information. The time spent with family and friends outside of work is just as important as the production in the office. Whether or not said production is at a satisfactory level is generally a strong gauge on how flexible to be with working arrangements.
  2. Don’t Hold Back the Feedback
    Performance reviews used to be met with dread, but Millennials really appreciate them. Motivate them to reach their potential by frequently offering constructive feedback on their work. Millennials are more apt to try their hardest when they know their efforts will be noticed.

Millennials want a balance between their life inside and outside of work, meaningful assignments that create value in their work, and opportunities to grow. Provide these to your workforce and reap the benefits of incredible productivity!

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