The Hunt for a New Employee Can Take Forever…If You’re Doing It Wrong

Every company wants the best talent it can find, and fast.  Yet a poorly thought-out hiring process can have the opposite effect; finding the right people can take forever, with disappointing results.

How can your company “hire smarter, not harder”?  Consider working with a staffing firm.  A staffing organization that specializes in your industry offers extraordinary knowledge of the talent available as well as a deep understanding both of your industry and your particular needs.

How Can Working with a Recruiting Firm Improve Your Hiring Process?


Staffing firms connect with talent every day of the year.

Most companies only turn their attention to recruitment and hiring when it’s time to fill an open position.  By contrast, staffing partners are reaching out to talented individuals every single day.  Connecting with top talent isn’t just a staffing firm’s job – it’s also a staffing firm’s passion.  Chances are good that when you create a job order, your staffing partner will know just the right people to recommend.

Communicating with your staffing firm gets results.

When you reach out to candidates directly, your company has to manage multiple lines of communication simultaneously.  Each candidate needs information on the hiring process, the company’s needs, and the expectations of the position.

When you work with a staffing firm, however, you have this conversation once: with your staffing partner.  Your company provides a detailed job description and an overview of the hiring process, and your recruiter makes sure this information gets to each candidate he or she recommends.  By streamlining communication through the staffing firm, your company can focus on finding the best possible candidate in the pool.

Working with a recruiter saves time and money.

When time is money, saving time and saving money are identical considerations.  But in addition to the time saved in hiring better candidates, staffing firms also help companies save money by delegating work to the staffing firm that would otherwise tie up the company’s resources.  When hiring is an “extra” job placed on managers who already have full-time duties, the cost-savings involved in working with a recruiter can be significant.


How Can ABA Search Assist You In Your Hiring Process?

When you work with the experts at ABA Search & Staffing, you shorten the time between starting your search and finding the talented professionals you need to supplement your current staff.  Contact us today to learn more.