Starting a New Job? Make a Great First Impression!

It takes only seven seconds to make a first impression, according to a recent article in Forbes.  A number of factors combine to create that first impression, many of which you can control.  They include points like how you are dressed, how you communicate, and how you behave.

With such a brief but crucial window in which to put your best foot forward, it’s wise to spend some time considering ways to make your best possible first impression on your new job.  Consider the following tips:

  1. Be curious.
    When you start a new job, you should already have some idea what your new employer does and how your position fits into the “big picture.”  Demonstrate genuine curiosity, combined with a desire to help, while you fill in the gaps and develop your understanding of what it is that you and your new employer do.  This kind of interest in your surroundings and projects both demonstrates your commitment to the job and opens the door to finding shared interests with your new coworkers.
  2. Start building good habits.
    It may take only seven seconds to make a first impression, but your new coworkers will likely be evaluating your work and persona for several weeks.  In the first few months, take extra care to be diligent, thorough, and polite.  Start from day one to build new work habits, like making sure projects are completed and that tasks like data entry or putting away tools are finished before you leave for the day.  You’ll demonstrate to your coworkers that they can rely on you and to your supervisor that you have promotion potential.

  3. Take notes.
    Most workplaces offer training to new employees.  During your training, take notes, and keep them in a place you can reach them easily when you have questions.  Ask any questions that occur to you during the training, and be sure you get a few good “leads” for sources to search or people to ask if you have questions during the inevitable new-job “learning curve.”  By knowing where to go when you have questions later, you make it easier to find your own answers, demonstrating initiative and foresight by doing so.

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