Jason, General Counsel of Silicon Valley software company

“There are lots of legal recruiters in the world; they’re easy to find. But what makes a good one? For me it is far more than access to qualified candidates (though that’s a given requirement). I have for years worked with Mandy Farmaian and ABA Legal Staffing. Mandy definitely has access to great candidates. But she brings a lot more to the table. For starters, she gets personally involved. Mandy herself has taken an interest in each search for which I’ve engaged ABA, and she plays a part both in screening candidates and making sure that I’m happy with the process. Additionally, she listens; not just at the beginning when I tell her what I want, but as the process goes on and even after it’s over, so that ABA will be even better the next time. And lastly, she has never shown anything but the highest integrity. I don’t need recruiters to work for me; I need them to work with me. And Mandy has always done that in spades.”