Resume Dos & Don’ts


  • Keep to one or two pages depending on experience
  • Describe your main functions, not what you did incidentally
  • Emphasize those duties that are most relevant to your present application
  • Include any special recognition, accomplishments or projects you were involved with
  • Describe your former/current employer, including size of company, type of industry, etc.
  • Write about yourself in a positive light
  • Strive to be concise and target your information to the employer


  • Try to fit too much on the page. (Leave some space on the page)
  • List personal information such as marital status, race, age, etc.
  • Leave suspicious gaps in your Work History
  • Include salary requirements (leave that until an interview or later)
  • Put a photograph on your resume (even if you do have a scanner)
  • Use negative expressions or comments about previous employers
  • Include any health information
  • Include references (separate sheet please)
  • Include reasons for leaving a previous job (save your reasons for the interview)